Staying safe on holiday: the electrician's guide

The summer holidays have arrived and many of our customers are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm and sunny!

So to help you if you’re going abroad soon, here is DCMD Electric’s handy checklist to make sure you stay safe on holiday:

  • Be aware that Electricity safety standards in the UK are higher than in many other countries.
  • Electricity supplies can vary from 100 volts and 240 volts, so double check before you plug anything in. 
  • Do not use switches or sockets if they show signs of damage.
  • Be sure to check that you are using the correct travel adaptor.
  • Never try to force a plug into a socket.
  • Be aware of buzzing sounds or burning smells and report immediately to your hotel management.
  • Do your research - find out the type of sockets and the voltage used in the country you are going to.
  • On cruise ships sockets and voltage can vary so check with your travel operator.
  • It’s best to purchase travel adaptors before you go on holiday to ensure they meet British safety standards.