Electrical Inspections, Testing, Certificates and Installation Condition Reports

Age and use put all electrical installations through their paces. They need to be inspected and tested regularly for signs of deterioration by a registered electrician. DCMD Electrics are specialists in carrying out electrical inspections and testing for our customers in and around Milton Keynes. Here's our mini guide to electrical inspections, testing, certificates and installation condition reports:

How often do I need to have inspections and tests carried out?

    • Owner-occupier? Test every 10 years.
    • Landlord? Test every 5 years.
    • Periodic inspections should also be carried out every time you:
      • let a property
      • sell a property
      • buy a property which has been occupied in the past 

    What happens during an inspection?

    Your electrician will test your electrics, wiring and electrical equipment for:

    • Potential dangers / hazards: electric shocks, fire risks

    • Defective work

    • Correct earthing and bonding

    • Overloading: of electrical equipment and electrical circuits

    • Safe, working equipment and wiring

    Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

    An EICR report will be issued to you after testing is complete. This will contain details of any of the 4 D's found in your electrical system or equipment:

    • Damage
    • Deterioration
    • Defects
    • Dangerous conditions  (including non-compliances with BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations).

    What if my electrician finds something dangerous?

    The electrics in your property would then be deemed "unsatisfactory" and your electrician would talk through the next steps to fix any issues. 

    Electrical Test Certificates

    Some, but not all, domestic electrical work needs to be notified to the Local Building Authority Building Control. In general, alterations and additions do not, but an installation that involves a new circuit does.

    If we carry out work which requires a certificate we will advise you. You don't need to do anything, your electrician will organise for the job to be registered and a certificate will be sent to you once the work is complete.

    Need a hand?

    If you think you need your electrics inspected and tested, please get in touch. We provide electrical test certificates and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) for customers once testing is complete and all requirements are fulfilled. If you don't meet the criteria, we can help you fix any issues.

    If you're based in or around Milton Keynes, please get in touch:

    • For a free, no obligation quote
    • For electrical inspection advice
    • To book to have your electrics inspected and tested
    • For Electrical Installation Condition Reports
    • For Electrical Test Certificates

    As always, our services are competitively priced and carried out quickly by an experienced, qualified electrician.