Part and Full Electrical Rewires

How confident are you that the electrics and wiring in your home, your rental properties or your business premises, aren't faulty or outdated? Don't put yourself, your family or your tenants at risk of potential electrocution or dangerous fires. Here's our mini guide to rewiring:

Do I need to rewire?

You should get your wiring checked if:

  • Your property hasn't been rewired for 25-30 years. In this case, it's common to require rewiring to ensure your property is safe and the wiring meets current standards.
  • You've noticed damaged switches, light fittings or sockets.
  • Your socket outlets overheat
  • You need to use extension leads or socket outlet adaptors around your property
  • Fuses regularly blow in your property
  • Socket outlets use a round pin plug
  • You are remodelling (if Building Regulations count the work as a material alteration)

What does a rewire involve?

Rewiring your home is a very important job that ensures the safety of your home and its occupants, however it is a messy job as it involves chasing walls, lifting floorboards and accessing loft spaces.

Timescales and costs can vary due to the size of the property and what the customer wants.

Before completing a rewire we would provide a full written quotation detailing the customer's requirements and a breakdown of what will happen. When we have finished the work a full test and inspection will be carried out.

Need a hand?

If you're based in or around Milton Keynes, please get in touch about electrical rewiring services:

  • For a free, no obligation quote
  • For electrical rewiring advice

As always, our rewiring services are competitively priced and carried out quickly by an experienced, qualified electrician.